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Love can take 6 months and 2 continents, part one

Love can take 6 months and 2 continents, part one

Until we're ready for all those amazing product updates, let me tell you the story of how Karen and I met. Get yourself some herbal tea and chocolate, this will get soppy!

I still vividly remember seeing Karen for the first time. Everything started at Gay Pride 2013. Back then there was still a lesbian bar open in Amsterdam, and we ended up as the ultimate cliche, meeting at Pride in the alley of a gay bar. 

Enter me, a 26 year old straight girl, that hadn't been in a relationship since her teens. Me and my friends agreed to have a last drink before heading home, because one of us wanted to check out girls. Unlike myself, my friend already knew she liked the ladies. I was still very much in denial. The three of us got a glass of the worst wine in the history of dive bar alcohol and even ran into a couple of friends. That's when I saw her, standing across the alley looking straight at me. Or better, looking very very gay at me.

You should know that the both of us had been boozing it up all day, so this went a lot smoother than you'd expect from a straight girl. Within minutes we were talking, and I remember asking if I could kiss her. I actually asked! Her smile gave me butterflies and her smell made me swoon, it was like nothing I'd ever felt before. None of us could drink any more horrible wine, so we exchanged numbers and while me and my friends walked all the way home (no cabs when the queers own the city) I kept repeating "I kissed her! I kissed that gorgeous woman!".

The following two weeks we texted, but both of us were way too chicken to actually ask the other out on a date. I had almost given up that I would see her again when something totally random (she will tell you it was faith) brought us back together. We went to the same concert, a total lesbian band that didn't play that often. I'd seen her walk by on the way to the venue but this time I didn't have my boozy bravery to help get through that first awkward moment. Little did I know that she had seen me too and was also working up the nerve to come talk to me. Halfway through the evening we finally talked and we kept talking the rest of the evening. So much stuttering and nervous laughter that evening, I was a total mess by the time we said goodbye.

Liking a girl instead of a boy for the first time had a massive impact on my identity. I was questioning everything. If my preference could change at 26, what else could?! For the next three months I was quite the mess. I wasn't fair to Karen, shutting her out, not talking to my parents because I wanted to figure things out myself first, you name it. On top of that, I was planning a solo trip to Australia, to backpack and look up friends, so that cut into my rediscovering-myself-time too, as you can imagine. In the end, it turned out that Australia came at exactly the right time for me and Karen.

Check me out, enjoying Aussie like a pro!

I'll finish the story in the next blogpost, stay tuned for more!

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