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Hey baby #1

Hey baby #1

9 September 2018

Hey there little one!

I don't have a special baby diary for you yet, because you're still so teeny tiny. About as big as a sesame seed, or the rainbow sprinkle on ice cream. It's hard for me to grasp that you're growing in my belly, because last time around nothing went the way it was supposed to. There was another teeny baby about three months ago, but after carrying them for 6 weeks I got the worst tummy pains ever. Your brother or sister might have had two heads, or way too many fingers, had they been born. So this time around your mom and I want to make sure you have exactly one head before we start cheering. 

You've been here for about 4 weeks, but I get to pretend you've been in my tummy for 6 weeks instead. That's how these things work apparently, you get to add 2 weeks or something. Don't ask. So far, you've had the sweetest effect on me, I could eat chocolate all day. If your mom didn't make me a healthy breakfast every morning, I would have white chocolate to start my day. No joke!

When I wake up in the morning, I usually forget you're there for a second. But then I turn over, and I get nauseous instantly. I've never been so happy to wake up sick. You're making your momma nauseous and tired and weak. During the day I often cramp up, like you're already stretching my womb. My belly is so bloated that your mom thinks there may be two of you in there. I don't think so, but the more the merrier! Twice the love to give, bring it on please. I'm pretty sure that's the hormones talking, they are coursing through my body like crazy. I don't feel like myself at all these days, I cry at least once a day! Tears just bubble up, often without reason.

One day after finding out you were in my belly!

Ten days from now we'll get to look at you, and check if you're comfy and healthy in there. If everything goes right, we can see your tiny heartbeat. I can't wait to finally see you little peanut. I read that you have a little tail right now, and no hands or feet, don't worry I won't judge. Even now that you're still working on losing that tail, the colour of your eyes and hair is hidden and ready inside of you. Everything is just waiting to come out, and I'll do my best to keep you safe in the meantime.

Sweet dear baby of mine, will you grow strong? Please keep getting bigger and make sure your little heart beats, so we can see you on the ultrasound soon. It's okay if you're hurting me, your momma can take a punch. Just promise you stay in there, nice and snug. I will gladly be sick and tired for you.


Nov 17, 2018 • Posted by Nanine

Wat lief Nijn !!!❤️

Nov 16, 2018 • Posted by Janneke

Ahhh zo lief!!! 😍

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