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Hey baby #6

Hey baby #6

16 December 2018

Hey tiny! Nineteen weeks and six days, that's how long you've been with us. That makes you about 26 centimeters, which still blows my mind (and blows up my belly!). Some days you're busy and I can feel you squirm and kick and poke me fifty times. Other days you're mellowed out and I only feel you move a couple times. I like the busy days baby, it's so soothing to have company with me all the time! I'm definitely gonna miss carrying you around with me when you're here in May.

Mama Karen is so curious about you, we may even find out if you're a boy or a girl before you get here. I think it will help her connect with you more. Me, I honestly don't care, you'll come as you are and besides, I already know all about you. I know that if I lie down on back at night, you roam around like crazy for about a minute. I know you love strawberry jam, and when I come home from work you recognise your momma's voice. I can feel you're going through a growth spurt, it makes my womb stretch and ache a little. I know that when you were smaller your feet used to be on my left side, but you've moved, maybe because you've grown so much. Since you've changed positions I feel you around my bellybutton, right in the middle of my tummy. I know you make me sneeze and sniffle, but I haven't been sick once since you've been with me. I try to share everything with your momma Karen, but sharing what's happening with my body and with you can be hard sometimes.

You're not just making things happen inside my body though baby. Nope, your being has caused lots of ripples already. One of my colleagues told me that our happiness made him choose to become a sperm donor. He loved seeing your mom and me so happy, and he wanted to help others have that same happiness. Awesome, right? You did that little peanut! I'm so very proud of you and of your beautiful mom. Even though I have 15 to 40 times the hormones in my body, my pride is nothing new. It's been there long before I was even expecting you. I just know that your momma is going to take the best possible care of us. In the meantime, I'm gonna keep telling everyone about us, who knows how many others we can touch and help with our story.

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