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Hey baby #8

Hey baby #8

Hey little love!

Twenty-two weeks and counting! This week we celebrated the start of 2019. We were both so aware that this would be our last New Years as a twosome (weird!!). We didn't get together with friends or family and instead booked one night in a fancy hotel. Just the two of us. We had a good meal and were in bed with fake champagne by 11. It was one of my all-time favourite New Years Eve's. We all slept like babies in the biggest, fluffiest bed, it was a dream. Waking up without a hangover was pretty great too.

Having the holidays off together was just what we needed. We didn't get out much, and I can tell it's brought you closer to your momma Karen. We even have this perfect little routine together now. After dinner, we curl up on the couch. Most nights you wake up when I relax and put my feet up. That's when you and your mom connect. She talks to you, and asks how your day's been. As soon as she leans her head onto my tummy or puts her hand on it, you kick and turn to meet her. It's the most magical thing. With her hand on my belly, and your little body moving to lie right under her, I feel like the richest woman alive.

Feeling you grow into this little person has made me anxious to get our home in shape and ready for you. Organisation anxiety, nesting, call it what you want. As always, your mom is the best partner, taking me to Ikea and being super patient with me when I lose my shit again. We still have loads to get done, but we have a plan now. Your mom's new studio at the back of the house is nearly done, then upstairs can be turned into our space. You'll be sleeping right next to us for the foreseeable future, in the little ensuite next to our bedroom. We'll paint and spruce and make sure it's a cozy little nook for you.

I can't wait for you to to be in your crib with us, but at the same time I wanna slow down time. As I write this, you're moving around inside me, as if to remind me things will change soon enough. I'm in love with your kicks and turns. Keeping you safe inside me, growing you, breathing for you, it's given me such a purpose. All I can think is Happy thank you more please.

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