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My first Risograph adventure

My first Risograph adventure

Unlike my better half Karen, I'm not a designer and I'm definitely not a graphic design nerd. She's both. So when she asked me to join her for a day of 'Riso printing', I figured it was a new Japanese restaurant. Naahhh, it wasn't that bad you guys, just kidding. She'd already talked my ear off about her afternoons spent at Grafisch Atelier Haarlem. That's where she rediscovered her love for screen- and Riso-printing. Now I got to join, as her special assistant. And honestly, our day spent creating prints together was even more fun than I had imagined! I love how Risograph forces you to only use limited colours, and study how the colours mix when you start working on a print.

LGBTQ gay risograph cactus

A4 Art print Rainbow Cactus & Postcard Rainbow Cactus

The results of our day well-spent are now available for all of you, our dear fans! We created our rainbow cactus, which one of our close friend refers to as the cocktus. We decided to limit the amount of prints, to make sure we can offer you a unique piece of art, that is truly one of a kind. Our very gay plant is also available as a postcard, for those with limited wall space.

lesbian wedding engagement art gift

A4 Art Print Eternal bond

When we finished the cactus, we moved on to the simpler design that I gave the cheesy name "Eternal Bond". Karen designed it as an engagement or wedding gift, and it especially suits two ladies. But, who are we to judge or decide what you need. If you're a guy and a gal and you like the bling, go order that beauty! Same goes for all other types of companionship by the way. The print just celebrates connection.

After spending about six hours on the two prints I just mentioned, and learning more than I had in months, I definitely got the bug. I've always drawn and painted, but it is now my mission to create a design that Karen and I can print. Who knows, it may even end up in our shop!

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