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Now it's personal!

Now it's personal!

When Karen and I got engaged, we couldn't find ways to celebrate our love. By our love I mean a loving relationship between two women. There are not that many beautiful products that are created just to commemorate two brides to be. Actually, when we kept looking, we didn't find anything we liked. A lot of products out there were too gay for us. Sounds weird right? Too gay for me personally means something that looks like a unicorn took a dump on it. A print or card covered in rainbows and sparkles, with at least one mention of gayness, queerness, same-sex or LGBTQ. Great for Pride weekend, not great when you're celebrating one of the most important milestones in your life.

Luckily, my wifey to be is a great designer. I may be biased, but I love everything she makes. When she came up with the idea of two bands locked together in an embrace, I naturally wanted to buy that print. Instead, she finalised a cool design and we decided this needed to be a Risograph print. I got to help her with the actual printing and learned a whole lot about this old school printing technique along the way. Pretty inspiring stuff!

Check out the print now!

The print has done great right from the start. The design speaks to a lot of people, gay and straight. The one thing we did hear was that some wanted it to be even more personal. That's when Karen had to get back to work and BAM, she did it again! She came up with the idea of stamping initials onto the print. Now this bestseller is as good as it gets. Whether you wanna add initials or enjoy the design in all its simplicity, our art print Eternal Bond suits every couple in love. As it should.

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