The Happiness Troupe

We make LGBTQ art with a twist

Why? We believe that everyone should celebrate their moments, together with their loved ones. Our prints, cards and pins are made to add a dash of colour and mark milestones that matter for the LGBTQ community. Because why go for less when you can celebrate life your way? We're rooting for you!

Start celebrating!

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Pride month!

We're celebrating Pride month with two brand new postcards. Come out to the world with our Diana Ross themed oldschool mixtape, or share your pride with that classic raised fist. Up to you, just make sure to stay proud you beautiful person!

Go check 'm out!

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A new member joining the Troupe

Early May we get to welcome our most wanted gift.

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I bought the "Love thy Fathers" artprint for two friends. They've become proud dads, and when they fly their baby boy home they will receive their gift. I hope your work will guide their boy for years to come.

– Kris

Great designs! Hopefully many more will follow. Maybe you can do t-shirts some day??

– Rieneke

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karen the big lesbian with short hair


Designer and creator extraordinaire. Draws her inspiration from children's books and has a soft spot
for desserts.

nienke the short bisexual with long hair


All words come from her, including these. Loves social media en loves whatever Karen creates, except
her food.

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